Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Post-C25k Week 2

I probably should not have decided to start a blog in the middle of closing out the school year and moving rooms. I have a 1,000 things going on at once in my head. Well, with that said, now for the running update. I AM STILL AT IT! I am very proud of myself for completing week 1. Yes, I am rejoicing in the small victories. Isn't that where it begins? I am now on to week 2, day 2 of the C25k. Another great week of music with Carli's podcast. I am excited because my daughter asked to run with me today. She is 18 and let's just say that we haven't been the best of friends lately. Unlike me, she is an athlete (a volleyball player) but running has never been her thing. So I am very motivated to do today's workout. I dare to say that I will try to post later but I will. :)


  1. Small victories is where its at! I use the small victories as momentum to keep me going. I think to myself if I ran 3 minutes maybe I can run eight, maybe I can run 10...and so on.