Saturday, June 12, 2010


Week 3 of C25K is done. I finished up on Tuesday but unlike the past 2 weeks I didn't feel real accomplished. I really struggled with week 3. The 3 minute run was a killer for me. I kept trying to motivate myself by saying that 3 minutes is not a long time and it isn't but when you are not a runner and you are making your body run, it can feel like an eternity! But I made it! I did it. That is my small victory!

So with all that said, I am still on week 3. Yep, still there. I debated about whether I should repeat week 3 or move on to week 4. I know that this is not a perfect program and I should go at my own pace but then again I want to be sure that I am pushing myself and not whimping out. Well, I am definitely not whimping out but I need to feel more comfortable and confident with the minute run before moving on to 5.

This morning I got up and got on the dreadmill. (I'm starting to work with it and not against it.) It is far too hot to run outside. Falling out in 99 degree weather is not a good look for me. :) Today the 3 minute run felt so much better! It is amazing what your body can do after you get your mind refocused and your body a rest.

Question of the Day: What keeps you motivated to run?

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  1. way to go!! you can do it! at the beginning of running it was to hit those mini goals of running...NOW it is because I love it. I love what it does for me physically, mentally and spiritually. run on girl!